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Leadership -
This Shift is Personal

Leadership is hard!  And no one knows that better than you.

Today’s state of constant change, 24/7 access, multi-generational teams and pressure to do more with less is causing higher levels of stress, burnout and frustration than ever. The good news…it doesn’t have to be this way for you or your organization.

Based on her most recent book "Leadership, Love It or Leave It - Choosing for Yourself When the World Says Climb" Angie challenges clients and audiences across the country to put down the leadership 101 books (except hers, of course), put the call to servanthood on hold and take control of your own leadership journey first to achieve real, sustainable success and personal fulfillment.

Engaging the Generations to Find Success Beyond the Labels

With so much information and hype being published about millennials, X-ers, Boomers and now gen Z, it's easy to get lost in the labels or know exactly what to do to engage your workforce, teams or consumers effectively.

In this program:

  • Learn the characteristics of each generation

  • Understand the valuable dynamics of a multi-generational team

  • Explore the stereotypes that are impacting engagement at every level

  • Learn engagement strategies that span the generations and leverage the best of each

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