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This Shift Is Personal

Angie Noel is a sought after leadership coach, speaker and the author of that tough-lovin' leadership book up there - Leadership Love It or Leave It: Choosing for Yourself When the World Says Climb.

If you've ever thought there HAS to be a better way to do this leadership thing...then you and I already have something in common.

After 20 years of mentoring and supporting talented people at every level struggling with stress, frustration, burnout, self-doubt, emotional exhaustion and low personal engagement in their roles I KNEW there was a better way.


But, it wasn't until I struggled with my own engagement issues that I realized how truly painful disengagement is for the leader and the teams they so desperately want to support.  It was then that I made it my personal mission to end the suffering that happens for leaders and their teams when engagement, alignment or purpose at work is missing.

Today, I work with leaders across the country to help them take control of their leadership journey to achieve real success and personal fulfillment.


Real leadership is personal and it starts with you!




Angie delivers leadership and engagement programs that will inspire and motivate your audience to engage, encourage, and develop themselves and their teams.


Leadership is hard!

And, regardless what you'e been told all your life...leadership is not for everyone.

But is it right for you?

You'll find no corporate-speak here

just an honest conversation to help you define, and achieve, (leadership) success on your own terms. 


You KNOW in your soul there HAS to be a better way to do this leadership thing. A better way to be inspiring, effective and make a real difference without losing your mind, health & happiness.  

You're right! 

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Angie's passion is inspiring others and she delivers on that passion. 

Michael Stopskopf, CEO

“Fabulous speaker and the material was presented in a new, exciting way!" "My favorite session by far!" "Fantastic session! Insightful, entertaining, engaging (no pun intended)." "Best session of the conference." "Loved (her) definition of engagement"

Attendees - Gulf Coast Symposium on HR Issues

I am hands-down a better leader for having worked with Angie. But more than that I feel like a better person. I have a whole new perspective on work, leadership and how it all comes together in my life.

Michelle Adams, President - Unique Piece


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